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In this post we would like to share some visuals of our new home. Feel free to sneak around and guide yourself through Loft Sixty-Four. No need to be surprised rather be inspired. Just like we did by travelling around the world, visiting unique spots and meeting tons of inspiring people.
Loft Sixty-Four will be our platform and hopefully also yours to exchange creativity.



Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-10  Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-19

Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-41  2016-03-19 20_38_28-EVA Loft64 contactsheet.pdf

  Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-56  2016-03-19 20_41_53-EVA Loft64 contactsheet.pdf

Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-50  2016-03-19 20_41_00-EVA Loft64 contactsheet.pdf

2016-03-19 20_44_10-EVA Loft64 contactsheet.pdf  Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-65

Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-64  2016-03-19 20_43_26-EVA Loft64 contactsheet.pdf

Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-81  Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-89

  Picture By  i.o