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welcome to loft64.

Space for creation

Visual Productions

In 2015 we transformed a former workshop building into this spaces loft-like home with a wooden element in the center of this building. As a working couple we travelled the world and wanted our new home to be a reflection of the spaces we fell in love with during our time traveling. The building was originally constructed in the late 19th century as a workshop, but it has been renovated several times since.

We are the space for creation.

High Ceilings, Polished cement Floors, Concrete. Neutral colors, Structural purity.

These are the elements that correspond to an industrial feeling that extends throughout the entire residence.

A light-filled residence with feel of a New York City Loft, where spaces flow into one another and invite the beholder to stay.

GROUND + level 1

our spaces for creation

created for

LOFT 64 is a multifunctional location for anyone who wants to create and be creative.
LOFT 64 is an open and light filled space with various possibilities.
Perfect for photo shoots, video productions, film shoots, or as a location for workshops, PR events, business meetings or showroom. Many national and international brands but also other professionals have become acquainted with the couple and can observe that loft 64 is a fantastic place to be creative and create.

curated by

Ron and Vanessa are both active in the fashion industry. During their many business trips but also private travels, they have gained inspiration for their own loft. They both love art, travel, architecture, and interior design. All off this is reflected in LOFT64.
A dream came true to be able to create a loft in their hometown
s’-Hertogenbosch. Many of their own creativity and ideas have become reality here. Given that they like to encourage others to be creative they really wanted to share the loft with other creatives.

64+ thoughts a minute, 64+ ways to express, 64+ ideas to be creative.

created by you



Commercial photographer

Loved working at LOFT64. Great daylight and a very inspiring space. Vanessa and Ron are very relaxed. Most of the things are possible so we were able to restyle the space just how we wanted it for the shoot.


Freelance Creative

LOFT64 is the perfect space for me to have ideation and creative sessions with clients. Every time my clients walk in, they feel special to be welcomed in such an inspiring venue. Plenty of room for creation and great space to really connect.


Emma Handson

LOFT64 is an excellent photo and film location with endless nooks and crannies for taking all kinds of scenic photos.

The lighting is unique, which is sure to provide you with great results for your photos.


1 space
2 floors
in + outdoors
64+ ways to be creative


In the south where it’s always sunny. LOFT64 is situated in the center of beautiful and historical ’s Hertogenbosch.
Surrounded by the beautiful architecture, there are 64+ ways to get creative and get the most out of your booking.

want to book our space? let us know.