Living Daylights Awards

Proud to mention that Loft SIXTY-FOUR has been nominated for the Living Daylights Award!

Would be great when we receive this architectural award, but honestly we believe we already won…daily waking up in the middle of our lovely city by bright  daylight is priceless. Loft SIXTY-FOUR literary brought light in our lives.

We are always in need of daylight…so let it shine!



See here Living Daylights



Spread the News

Spread the News!

Several outstanding platforms have recently posted about Loft Sixty-Four; highly appreciated!

Kindly check links below and let us know your honest opinion.

For the upcoming period we will be fine-tuning this lovely place even more. Trust us unique ideas are popping  up daily so this will be another great challenge.

Lucky for us we still believe in ‘Less is More’!

Special Thanks to:

The architect E V A 

The photographer Sebastian van Damme




Loft Sixty-Four

In this post we would like to share some visuals of our new home. Feel free to sneak around and guide yourself through Loft Sixty-Four. No need to be surprised rather be inspired. Just like we did by travelling around the world, visiting unique spots and meeting tons of inspiring people.
Loft Sixty-Four will be our platform and hopefully also yours to exchange creativity.



Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-10  Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-19

Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-41  2016-03-19 20_38_28-EVA Loft64 contactsheet.pdf

  Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-56  2016-03-19 20_41_53-EVA Loft64 contactsheet.pdf

Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-50  2016-03-19 20_41_00-EVA Loft64 contactsheet.pdf

2016-03-19 20_44_10-EVA Loft64 contactsheet.pdf  Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-65

Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-64  2016-03-19 20_43_26-EVA Loft64 contactsheet.pdf

Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-81  Sebastian van Damme_EVA Loft64_6853-7311-89

  Picture By  i.o






It’s almost there… MOVING DAY! Only one week left and we will be living in our dream house. Finally! LOFT 64 isn’t a regular house; it will become a warm home and inspiring space, available for who wants to share creativity. Starting really soon and we can’t wait for our next step(s), keep you updated by sharing! By the way, no help needed with moving.

It’s a beautiful day to start.


It’s a beautiful day to start…
Our dream-house ”who we call Loft64” is almost finished.
A lot of time, effort, inspiration and hard work to accomplish this perfect home.
We can’t wait to live here and keep inspiring ourselves and others.
Loft 64 is a place we will fill with these inspirational places & spaces and a lot of cool stuff who are worth sharing. X